We are currently recruiting!

1. In order to join the ROX clan, you have to create a new thread named “My_game_name Application” in our Discord channel #apply-here. copy and fill this form into it:




Average ping on our servers (euro and/or us):



Why do you want to join R*X (and just saying we are the best 2.55 clan is no answer):

Have you read the rules?:

Would you be able to donate to server (not needed but its nice to support):

Any other info:

2. Please make sure you read the rules which can be found in this link.

3. Then, you will get answers and comments from ROX members, judging your skills, your abilities to be a good admin, and your willingness to offer your sister to draza.

4. After you posted your application, you can add a ®️ to your nickname, it means you want to be recruited and it allows members to know you want to be recruited. Also dont change your nickname on the servers, stick with the one you wrote in your application, in order to help admins to identify you.

5. After that, if you are judged good enough by members and by leaders, you will receive levels on servers. Congratulations, you are a ROX member ! :slight_smile:

6. Once you get levels, please feel free to send private message to or . so we can add you on clan roster and you can get RoX status on Discord and be able to chat in internal affairs. Sincerely, the RoX team.