These rules apply to all R*X members And players

01. Respect all players.
02. No cheating. No hacks. No bots.
03. /kill or anything equivalent to slash-kill (self-nade, cliff jumps, etc.) is not allowed, it is allowed only to change class, change weapon, or if you are stuck in game bug. You can not use /kill to get full health, full ammo, full charge bar, or to get somewhere faster.
04. All spawnkilling is allowed.
05. Do not verbally abuse any player for any reason. Do NOT insult peoples race, culture, religion, etc. (May resove in a perm ban without warning)
06. If you have a problem with any R*X member, player admin, or other player, file a complaint on our website, or talk to admin in PM in game. Do not discuss in public chat.
07. Trick Jumping is not allowed during any objective game play. If any objective gameplay is going on then no trick jumping at all, even if it is not near objective.
08. If you’re applying to join R*X, your answer for the application form is “Rules R*X”.
09. Absolutely no Recruting on our servers or advertising
10. If you want to join rox, read the admin rules next page, so you can know them for the future.

Admin Specific Rules

All General rules apply to R*X members, as well as players that hold admin level.

01. Admin does not make you god.
02. Highest Admin PLAYING controls the map. Spec Admin do not count. This means shuffle, pause, unpause, swap, nextmap, restart, reset. This does not mean that they are the only ones that keep teams fair.
03. Use common sense when using your commands. (first !warn, !mute, !gib, !kick, !ban). do not use commands to gain an advantage on a map. Do not use any commands against a player for your own fun.
04. Help players with any problems they have. Answer questions and help when players ask.
05. You may be required to go spec to watch a problem player. TB, TK, cheating. Do not just use command. Make sure they are causing problems. Don’t ask another admin to do it for you, unless they are spec, or if your not sure about something.
06. Do not use commands against bad team players, XP whoring, or noobs.
07. Respect the decision of higher admin. If you disagree, talk to them or a higher admin.
08. Make sure teams are fair. Even numbers, even skill, and make sure the game is fun for all. Ask players to move first, then !putteam someone. Shuffle only at beginning of map. If teams are not fair, do not expect someone else to fix it, take the initiative and do it yourself.
09. You have to wear R*X tags when you have 40+ admin, when you wear r*x tags, you represent a part of rox, and without admin levels you cant control the server, so no point putting tags on. When you dont have level 40+ just take your tags off and higher admins will deal with you, if you dont take it off, things might get worst.
10. Keep control over the server, dont let people get away with things they are not suppose to get away with
11. Do NOT UNBAN someone that you did not ban, only highest admins can unban anyone they want, even if you best friend got banned, just ask higher admins
12. If Some of these rules are broken it may lead into a kick and ban out of clan, so be careful
13. Do not use ANY commands on any other R*X member just because you don’t like them, or they told you off. tell highest admins and they will deal with it. We’re all in this together, problems can be solved by talking.