I ll try to post something too.
I have horrible memory for dates and years but I remember that the first time I heard about this game was when I was like 13-14 which is in 2009 or something like that. I was never a gamer, I was more into sport games and stuff. I also had zero common interests with my friends because none of them were really into sports. All they talked about was gaming so I decided to give it a try and downloaded ET they were talking about all the time. It took me a while to get used to that game. That time xpsave was very popular and when my friends told that they have 12 000 xps I never believed them because I spent whole week to get 100 xps. This milestone meant lot to me hahah :D Anyways, I didn’t have a stable server then, I just joined the first server that showed up in the serverlist until I found MAD servers (cool NoQuarter servers, many rox players come from there, i know :D). Something, i think this was the community, made me stay there. I found my very first in game friend there and we decided to colour our name exactly the same and add some kind of pattern to it. Suddenly, people started asking us, is this some kind of clan, can they join and since we (me and my new ingame friend haha) didn’t really know what clan is we said “sure”, until half of the server coloured their names like us and I got banned for recruiting. Dang it.
Like year later I decided to join back this server to find my friend there but he wasn’t to be found. What I realised was that server had some kind of new clans or serverteams there that wasnt there before: CM and EnD. I suddenly became huge fan of them because the players there played very well. I asked one of the EnD players: “How good do I have to be to get in your team?”
He said: “It doesn’t matter, we just want cool people in”
I said: “Oh I play very badly but I can be cool”
He (Kulka) said: “We will find you a place”
Kulka started tutoring me how to play this game, even brought me to scrims and show me some tips and moves. He was like heart of the EnD team but he was never a leader. Like year or 2 years later I ended up being the leader of the team. I didn’t last for very long because I had a serious disagreements with the MAD clan member maintaining serverteams and other serverteam leaders so I decided to give my turn to somebody else and focus on playing. Soon whole MAD server was put to sleep and many of us joined to R*X servers.
I played in R*X under lots and lots of names until I decided that my name will be Cat. At first, I just communicated only with people from MAD servers until XPTO PM’ed me and asked if I could join R*X. So I did and started communicating with new people too.
So that s my story, I hope to see other stories by other regulars.