Some of the time lines mentioned seem fishy. R*X was the first server I ever connected to because at the time it gave me the best ping. I want to say that was late 2004 or early 2005. I was in college then and blew off quite a bit of studying in favor of playing ET with my roommate. At that time SuperChimp was was the leader but he soon disappeared and Krux took over. After a few months and countless hours of shooting people I applied and joined. At that time It was a fairly small clan. Maybe 20 members. Between 05-06 I played a few scrims with those guys and and had some fun. In 06-07 I made and ran the clan’s website after the old one went down. Fock Is gave me a high level for doing that i guess and I also took on the responsibilities of doing the server settings and keeping track of levels etc, of what was probably 80 members by that time.
I left to start S!C with Joboo, Pr3dat0r, Laur! (chopper), and a couple other older members around the end of 2007 because while I was doing all of the work of running the website and the servers, when I’d connect I’d just see a bunch of admin abuse from some of the other higher ups, and also because the clan was so huge and I was interested in a smaller clan like the “good ol days”.
R*X banned all of the players from S!C because they said we were deserters and they thought we were hacking the server or something which I don’t know anything about.
A bunch of their recruits applied to join S!C which i suppose pissed them off as well.
S!C Lasted probably 8 months or so and we had a bunch of really great players. Joboo very rarely showed up after finishing his degree and Predat0r was having health issues so I decided to call that quits when I got too busy with work.
I stopped playing ET Until summer 2010, and then came back when Slime messaged me that there had been some changes in management with R*X. I started working from home so I had more time to waste on gaming. I was rusty and still am but its nice to see that a lot of my old friends are still around.