Hmm now for my useless history of me and alpha. I will not use dates, because i wouldn’t know them.

I started playing some time ago. Just like KAL i started on the HESS server. It was awsome from what i can remember. At this time i was only alpha playing this game. Soon after i couldn’t find HESS anymore i went over to House of P!gs. At this time i was playing another game called runescape which pulled me away from et. In that game i met with coolfool and drumsx. We enjoyed playing that game and played for a while. Sandman (my brother) also played. Then after i told them we should try this game i played some weeks ago. So i told them to all download it and it all started.

We made a alpha team, we joined random servers with the classic maps, then join all on one team, and play till everyone left. It was good times. Then we ran into a problem, a server we joined was not getting emptied due to us tryng to own. Rox had much more skilled players and it was hard to empty the server. At this time we played on the 2nd usa server as the main server was nearly impossible to connect to. Then coolfool started to get hooked on the game, and played on main server a lot. Krux also liked him, so he was recruited. When he was recruited he told me the news. So i applied that day. The next week i was recruited. Sandman and drumsx didn’t want to join only because they didn’t want the tags to make their name look ugly. Weeks or months after they joined and put that tags at the back of their name, which was fairly unusual since not many or no one did that.

As life went on krux gave us a alpha server. His reasons were that he wanted a server to play on without anyone talking to him. So he said here is a server, make it work. I had no idea what to do. I had to make a server with files from the old scrim server. So i did some reading, and found some good sites that help me with what i need. So with the assistance of that and trial and error. I made the alpha server. Draza wanted to join alpha at that time but was never accepted. After the alpha server was a disapointment, krux told me to turn that server into an SE server. So i made a rough template for SE and then i cant remember what happened to it after that.

After that Krux saw that i learned a lot about servers, so he had me do things on main server and keep it working. Even though i was a level 80, since then ive been working with usa server for krux’s needs untill he was removed. Also Elmo was just becoming a good admin and draza was telling me he has good hopes for elmo. So after Elmo started to work on the euro server, so i cant remember if draza asked me to teach elmo or if i just taught, so i did that and taught him all that i knew. Just like the student becoming smarter then the teacher, elmo became more better then me at scripting and server stuff.

During that time Finti bros made the first rox tournament. 2v2, it was awsome but it never got past the first round. Then right after that lambo made a 10v10 tourny. With that by the time he collected 40 players 20 left. So that tourny never started. So i decided to start a tournament. Since i had access to servers i had no problems with setting up servers. I had to make a tourny that would work, that was my goal. From learning from finti and lambos tourny i made the first successful rox tourny. It was a classic, NNY team won and faced the grand prize which was the rox scrim team. Death Astral Guerrier and KruX. They were a little rusty and NNY team won i believe. Since then ive been making a rox tournament every year.

Maybe like 2 years ago, coolfool didn’t like his computer anymore, and bought a super good one just for et. Then he realized why play this game when he can play many more detailed games. So that was it for coolfool and ET. Sandman just got bored of et, aswell as drumsx. I am only survivor. But i am not into this game as much as i was, so i get bored fast.

But rox was my first et clan, and it will be my only et clan