some nice history here il add my part and its as good as i can remember

back in 2003 omg i was young then hahahahahhaha any way

got invited by a good friend i met in ireland to play this game that was free to download, but did take me ages and got me in trouble for tying up the phone line for so long to get it

any way i started playing it and actually liked it back then dial up was all we had but i still played on it all i could and bummed around from server to server simply playing if i could with rnade as a eng ( I was a TANK) i knew nothing about the game had no magic settings or nay thing else didnt even know how to colour my name i continued to do that for a while

one day i stumbled across a server and that was the first time a person ever actually spoke to me during a agme well it was actually 2 players one called niko_fin and the other was Slime, i played that night for what seemed forever (probably till i had to go to work ) I managed to find that server again after searching for it for ages and i began to play there as much as i could (remeber i still didnt know how to connect via ip i had to find it in the list) i remained pretty quiet didnt speak much and i learned 1 or 2 maps namely rail gun and oasis they became my favorites for a long time

after a while i connected to the server to find it empty and with only 1 person on a person called slime he explained it was empty as RoX had a new server and they were all called there, that was the last i saw or heard of slime for a long time,

in the end i managed to find the usa server and it was a case of id try to connenect for anything up to a hour just to get on and id play a smuch as i could, i still didnt chat much although James Cook did chat to me a few times, during that time i registered on the website the old e107 site (passports) and i applied to join my first reply on my apply was made by rankin, after several months i was happily playing as much as i could on the USA server forum went down for a while due to some problems and then i reapplied, at this time the applys i can remeber were corner is noob and xpto during this time i did chat to a few players nny was one who taught me how to change the colour in my name and i played as elmo <3 nny, i did manage to get 2 more replys this time one was from Draza and one from guerrieur any way after some more time passport then moved away and the site was down) along with my apply

corner is noob gained his tag and also then changed his name

my apply and xpto was gone and to be honest the person who offered to help me i never saw (DRAZA) any way aproaching 12 months i got told by Draza to connect to a server, server was called house of alpha he and he spent a great deal of time just getting me to shoot straight he also sent me a cfg a cfg which to this day i use for the majority of features, the cfg he said was from the best person in rox! one day i was playing as normal wehn nny connected and asked me to go help out a team in the tournement as they were short of a player I joined his team my self hjsimpson and nny a team which actually won the tournement i was happy and later that evening i recieved my first pm from krux saying thankyou and then i recieved level 32 :) :) my next pm was from r*x:corner is noob saying all who get level 32 never get level 30 :P any way another month or so passed till i saw Draza again and thats possibly the first conversation i had in any depth with any member, he explained how rox would be getting a new european server and he was testing a few ip’s and did i mind going with him, well i went server trawling with him and in the end he picked a server located in frankfurt this was the first “Draza euro” server, the server was running almost identical to usa and had the stupid glitch where at the end of supplydepot2 it wouldnt load the next map, any way i was still a pub player and had just been given level 32 so i was still happy that had taken 13 ish months and tbh i was pretty happy, but this server was empty and i mean empty there was my self draza and 1 or 2 passing players no matter what the europeans would go to usa server and thats how it was, Draza would live on the server up to 20 hours a day id be there as much as i could but that was say 8 hours max a day and well euro was dead. well one thursday night at around 4am ish my time i managed to get on the usa server and well after a chat with draza and then krux saying something to me in french which i never did understand i was given level 30 and was allowed to wear a rox tag!!!!! YES :)

i continued to help Draza and i stayed on the euro server as much as i could stand, we did all we could went server hoping in tags trying to get noticed and well did all we could

i then met a player called dead|alpha| he was level 80 and he was helping fix a problem with the server (i didnt have a clue what they were on about) but i listened and read all that they put the one thing draza wanted was a rox button on the game menu and he was explaing this to dead i listened carefully and just carried on playing as normal, i began talking to a few others then dazzle and Taz as they did come to euro occasionally, any way i was given some access to rcon to fix the bug we still ahd with supplydepot2 not changing and also began talking to dead quiet a bit he showed me a few thing that i still use today and he saved my ass when i muted my self testing out my level 50 commands

after a few weeks dead still hadnt made a button and draza was nagging him, i decided to look how thes thigs called pk3 files work and to my amazement they are simple and easy to follow so i made a few changes and draza allowed me some ftp access to test it (dead was not allowed to know this) it worked any way i had to delete it all off and wait for dead to arrive to put it all on the server it worked and we had a button so they could quick connect to euro server, for that i gained level 60 :) xpto got his tag then he had such a long apply as well (although i think he found a woman inbetween or may be 2) i wa shappy with my level 60 and was now playing 16-17 hour a day i took a 6 month leave from work and this became a job (silly me) after 2-3 months more the server was forced to move to a new ip a ip, and we also had a new forum running so hopefully we could recruit some players

i remade the menu and made some huge fuckups in it as well hahahahahahhaha i was still learning and dead was a slow tutor, wolf came and sent me a sevrer config and a set of the etpub docs which is where i wrote the server config from and its pretty much the same now as it was then, wolf helped me out with ftp and taught me a few more thigs :) euro was now on a new ip and had a handful of players, so it was going the right way, i was playing as normal doing all i could i had a few problems with players and members blood banned me, pig banned me corner is noob banned me but i was always unbanned and continued to play, euro was now active enough to gaet 10 players on it for 2-3 hours a day and was starting to attract some rox players to the server, a few were recruited and we all played anubis joe and niko were the highest on euro and niko was very keen to make his mark,

i did one other thing for the new ip euro server for which i was given level 1999 napolean leader of europe and that was in reality a promotion well above what i expected i only wanted level 90 so i could see adminchat :) but any way i had a few problems with a admin he was level 900001 a secret admin and to be honest he was a pain in the ass he would ban me and well it was nto just me it was several he in my honest opinon fell in love with power and not the clan, he was the first person i PB banned and yes it was lifted and this went on for along time

eventually though he was removed for what i still stand by and say for the better of the clan, Draza had to finally get a job and i was made up to lead europe, i still was learning alot about et this time but i was getting there

times moved on euro continued to grow at a amazing rate, menus were kept updated website was growing all was going well

i made some huge fcuk ups along the way and i honestly wish i knew then what i knew now but we are still growing and ive made some great friends along the way and i have some regrets about some actions but im human

my tutors
dead and wolf
my slave driver

all pushed me on and on

i cant quiet rememebr how i met every single person and sometimes i think back and wonder, ive had soem of the best help around from within and out side the clan, i still ask questions i still dont know all the answers but there is a little group of people who i can talk to or call upon and they will always try to help
Patriot, my think tank my fall back my server side support!
Rankin the person who gives enough away to make me realise how dumb im being
Dead the noob who saved my ass and knows all there is to know
they are the unsung heros and people may bitch like hell about them but they will roll up their sleves and dig in when needed, the moose always is the guiding light zylod is a inspiration to us all in this game blind has the drive and determination i use to keep me going, but i will say this Draza ahs done more to keep this alive than what you can belive, ive seen people grow up here and mature, ive argued with some and then sorted it all out

I dont do it all alone we are a team but look at the team as a whole, its bigger than what you will believe

my history of rox