Hello, we are the Finti bros i think the majority of people don’t care of our history, all persons think “they’re only fragstealers, rambo meds, never play obj, sometimes obvious movement, cheater for elses”. As you can see in the recent post except Superdad, Elmo, Draza we are the oldest members and the majority of persons think we’re news because our lvls.

At the beginning, we played on a lot of server. We played for a while on the KV server the enemies of the R*X players, we applied in the KV clan but our candidature was denied. We found the House of Rox server: recruiting because the KV server was closed. I was recruited by Krux, I applied on the forum and 2 weeks later I was in. He was interested by us because we switched between the 2.55 and the 2.6b but he was annoying because we lose our lvl every week. I would put the House in 2.6b but he never does it but he creates for a time a 2.6b server and we played there.

Then the beginning, Fintippixex played on USA server with lots of good players, he wasn’t bad and Some ROX see in him as a good player. Fintippixes does not play often there i don’t remember where i played, When Fintippixex has been recruit he told Fintippixes to go on ROX server then he goes, Krux was connected, he speaks to me in english, I was really bad in english (i only had 11 and i begin to learn english at school) and i understand nothing but i was lucky Krux was canadian and speak to me in french, He told me your brother is rox then you’re rox and after i always play on rox and play with Joboo, Pr3d4tor, BMF, Crazy Frog, Puma, Grappe, Ch@cho, Merlin, Fock, i think i forgot a lots of names.

I can’t remember well but we managed the first tourney but it was a calamity. Krux give me his acces to add a forum and this forum was called ROX tournament. we woke up at 4A.M for Americans that was cool =). Match was 2vs2; my brother lost his first match against Krux and Fock. After that dead did his tournament and he manage it very well.

Everyone knows that we don’t respect any server rules. So rules said don’t join another clan when you’re r*x… One more time this rule has been jumped by Finti’s bro, we joined L.A.W, a clan where we got a friend call Gant, a really good player he was 1st on splatterladder, Dizzy was in this clan (he was scrim leader i think) We don’t stay long time but we weared their tag. We joined 2 clans (French) in 2.6b only for scrim, this is my little experience in scrim, and this is how I discovered how etpro is full of cheater… The majority of persons think we’re not objective players but in scrim we made 5 kills for 20 deaths just for build a console or something else, we were really bad.

We always come back to rox server after those experiences and nobody knows what we were doing, except for L.A.W, Fintippixex told me that DRAZA portect us Oo.

We were often ban one time by Fock We said we leave i didn’t remember why and we came back and fock the baner profesionnal ban us :P . After that was the turn of elmo héhé that was funny we hated and still hate Battery then one of us switch team in axis or allies and the axis open backdoor and let the allies enter (we made it 4 years and nobody see it) elmo saw us and the result was ban.
There is too much things to said i stop here :P .
We continue to play and are a bit rager (not admin abuse as a lot of people said, a !warn is nothing) , This famous “Noob” is our signature. Needle was a really part in the rox server game before everybody played with it and was good, now only noobs play with it.

If you read it completly, thank you it’s cool.