At my first time in R*X SYervers was all done, and i dont have had see any from that Drama around Krux, but i have play 2008/2009 a lot with Redman, AFleshwound,KnezoCaixao,Bl!nd and (a) Shadow (is this the same ? we have 2 ?) and some others , when I remember it right.
But I have ever play on both servers, and at my time was they the only servers I know where is ff on and what was ever full with min 8 players.
Lucky to dont see the Drama behind the curtain and enjoying the GamePlay.
But now it seems to be overcome and the Clan runs fine, but anyway, its great to know now, after some years what happens to that time and I have notice nothing as Guest at this time, which shows that at least the “secrecy” worked against the non-members in the riot in the clan.
I hope this never will happen here,- dont want lost friends for such. Some of other clans still be my friends, this will happen when you play this Game for some years, so you will have friends, like your friends in the Neighborhood, so as Ducky say, they was really good friends via internet.
Let us work together, that this Clan become a real Family without bad feelings, because this will ever be a basic ground if you want build a healthy and friendly clan.
As I know is House-of-R*X-Clan one of the famost´and well know clan as a fair and good clan in the worldranking of (ET) Clans-google it :P
R*X Rocks – thumbs up !
thanks for all that info R*X Seniors