New ROX Menus

We got new ROX Menu (ingame and main menu) thanks to :R*X:GreenBeret.LrF!

The new menus removes old broken links to the late usa server, late ts3 server and more, but adds link to our new Discord server + fixes explanations regarding applying to rox.

The new menu should be downloaded automaticly next time you connect to rox euro server (/connect

Issues solutions:

1) If you cannot connect because downloads not enabled, open terminal (~ key) and type /cl_allowdownload 1 then reconnect

2) If you still see old rox menus, go to your ET folder (usually C:\Program Files(x86)\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\etpub + \etmain) and delete old .pk3 files: roxpk32014.pk3, roxpk32017.pk3 and restart ET

3) If you are just looking for the file to download it and put it in etmain and etpub folders, click here

4) For more help or troubleshooting, visit our Discord server #et-help and rox admins will be more than happy to help you out.