welll, as i am a bit drunk but not that much i decided to post this topic
i was born in 70’s, so i could see how this go on. i live in poland, commmunist country then, in early 80’s computer was a really rare thing, but there were people who got it. so i could play zx spectrum, commodore, atari, amstrad :), next amiga and then pc with windows, gaming was always so cool thing, river raid was the best game. in early 90’s fps started its career, i played it first time, it was quake and i said yes, this is it, this kind of game i wanna play. some times passed, i was a student liviving in dormitory, not carring about anything, just getting fun. i bought computer while beeingf 30 and said to myself i wanna play. as i was borred with single player gaming(enemies where still in the same places and so on) i thought:online gaming is what i need, so, what game? hmm, free :), google it, bah, americas army, might be fun, so i tryied to download. 2 gb, downloading downloading … fuck it, find another game, wow, volfenstein, i played it , really nice game (altough hidden and dangerous ii was the best singleplayer game so far), so i got it. installefd, first run, connected, its ok. i gonna be a sniper :), i will lay down and kill. it didnt happen, still getting killed, i was so happy when i killed 1 guy in a match. when i met cov in diguise that killed me i i thoght its a hack that he look like my teammate :P, but some exp. came with time. i jumped from server to server, played all possible mods, pub, jaymod, nq, vietnam and even tce. one day i went to rox euro server, wtf, whats going on here, so many people, this chaos, and why the fuck i explode from poison, do they hack?, but it was fun, i sticked to this server. i was crazy covert mostly then, u now, fag 42, but was doing cov mission, getting uni , going enemys back, vanleo , 1 of rox then said to me he liked my covy play, i let engi to fueldump then, (vanleo was really good player, most of rox propably cant remember him now)
i was happy and decided to apply, got in in 2 months, it was febuary 2009, yay i was so happy :P, so i am r*x still … now
i will complete this post when get sobber :P