Because you suck monkeyballs draza and you told me to get in… I still have the skills of a 2 year old who plays with his feet whilst wearing a blindfold.

It is a nice thread tough, it was fun to read the stories of everybody and see a lot of names of ppl I sadly allready forgot.
I don’t remember when i started playing ET, i think the game was probably very old at that time. I think the euro server allready existed back then.
With some luck i joined this server, i honestly think it was one of the first servers i joined, so it is possible that you guys all suck but i just dont have anything to compare with ;). Nah, it was just good fun on the server and not always ingame, i remember some heated discussions about serious stuff that you normally dont find on other gamingservers. Always regretted i didnt play with teamspeak, but back then my pc was in my livingroom and the folks back home would appreciated that.

I never tought about joining rox, not because i didnt like the clan, but just because i honestly tought my skills werent enough. But then on a day, that goold old gay guy from serbia asked me why i didnt apply and threatend to send my dirty pics if i didnt so i had no other option then to join.

I think in all those years i only played 2-3 scrim training matches, one with the fintisbro’s and another one with some others, cant really remember them.
After some months/years mostly playing on the euro server ( thats probably why i dont know many of the players on the us servers ) i kinda stopped playing. At first i would come online copple of times per month just to chat, but eventually even that habbit died out. But now since i got bored this summer i started playing again and it was nice to see some of the old guys still playing. It’s a shame tough that some players have allready stopped playing during my break and I do hope they pop back in once in a while.

During my reading i was a bit shocked to learn that some of the players got banned ( like krux ), seems that rox still had a bumpy road whilst i was gone. I dont know that story and many others, but i do hope all of those things are gone now.