well, i think i can talk about me and i’m agree with fire with his own story.
we were recruited at same time or almost i think, i can’t remember exactly.

my story:
i play et since 2006.
i discovered this game by bourvil who is one of my best friend in real life.
he was playing since few months or years in the old version of ET;
i played with him on few servers and i found house of frag servers. i spend lot of time on HOF but they used bot players and finaly i tryed house of rox who was just under HOF in ET LIST of servers.
i had lot of fun and friends on rox servers and i apply in march 2007; I remember 4nubis, n!ko,choob, slime,kwame,rankin,tahitha,serial and may others.
others players with apply were : gunner,firewarth, shadows,mov!ng,vanleo,coroner etc…
all of them were were recruited before me cause now i realize i was too bad to be in.
one day i asked to vanleo who was in since few weeks : how u was recruited?? why not me blablabla cry…. whyyyyyyyyyy???
he said : i ask to krux and he recuited me.
i waited six month and finaly i asked krux “what do u think about my apply?? did i have a chance to be in?? and few days after , he gave me lvl 30 and said me “put level on redman”
one of my best day. i was so proud.

after that, i think my game improved and draza support me for best level i think. (ths draza for it)

i told to bourvil to come in rox and he did.

i have lot of friends in rox and i’m still proud to in in this clan/family.
i will always do my best for u.

even if i saw bad thing happen or drama into the clan, i think we have a real chance to be in the best ET CLAN.

BE proud of this like me and don’t forget that

love u all