i gave extra lessons in accounting to some pupil and we talked a lil bit about games and he told me: “u have to try this one its for free” that was back in the year 2003 in autum.

i remember well when i started playing with mp40 i coundnt kill even one opponent… so i took rifle to get some kills…i played in the beginning at a server called Technolust…there where lots of very good players on it… then after a while it disappeared so i searchted for new server and that was back in 2005 and there i played 1st time on rox servers…. it was us server and my ping sucked so hard that i looked for an other server with the same config and i found f2k server … i played there for an other year till i got recruited from their leader in 2006… i played one and a half year…then i stopped playing for over like 8 month because of studies/girls/parties etc :D

when i came back i had to realise that f2k has mostly gone…and most of the members didnt play anymore…also their server has gone… so i looked for a new server with the same settings… and as i always played on rox-servers when f2k was full i remembered it well and i was so happy when i found out that they got an euro-server now… so i started playing on it… and i played exclusive on this server for like 1 and a half year without thinking about an application (i just played to relaxe and i didnt wanted to take it to serious) even when i nearly knew all euro members and i think i was well known too… once i talked to elmo and he asked me why i never ever applied …. i told him that i really dont know why… and i decided to have a look at the forum….i read so much about all those members and topics and i really liked what i saw…so i set up my application…. i did take maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then i was recruited and got my lvl….this was in the year 2009 in july… in autum this year i will play this game already 8 years….its still fun to me even if the game isnt that faszinating that it was back in the early days….but i love this community and i like to talk to all of u rox-guys and i want to help the clan as good as i can….now i love to do the roster-part and i hope we will all stick togheter an other 8 years … ahahah ;)

<3 rigor