Hallo All,

I am happy to see good thread of stories about history of ET and House of R*X.

My own story…

First played ET in 2003 as young adult. My brother and friends set up small server in USA and we played there and on other random USA servers for several years, some different mods, etc. I came to discover RoX USA server simply by accident but soon recognized it as top quality server. Great focus on objective gameplay, consistently populated, no hax, fun maps for all to enjoy, interesting chat, etc… Impressed also that it was very stable platform.

In approximately 2006/2007 I was playing on ROX USA server for some months before Slime suggested I apply to clan for membership. I did this, was given ROX tag and continued to play on USA server for about one year or so.

Players I remember from those times


Have a feeling that I played with /against Th!bault as well. He liked to run around with rifle ‘nade, if memory is correct.

I abruptly stopped playing ET sometime in 2008 when I had serious girlfriend and got busy with work, house, etc in real life. I confess I am not much of a video game player and usually focus time on other activities in real life.

At end of last year, I broke up with girlfriend and became bachelor again. Being bored with some free time, I decided to re-load ET. For some reason my old computer still remembered default profile “ROX Perdedor” from the old days and off I went in search of a game. Played a few different servers w low ping before I decided to search for House of ROX.

I appeared in game one afternoon — a reincarnated noob with old and rusty tags. low population on server, and one admin in house, Maud’Dib. He immediately questioned me, checked my level and pulled my tags :) I am not offended. He is good admin.

Being lazy, I did not reset default profile and logged onto Euro pub several more times with old tags. Each time name was changed and tags were dropped : ) Finally got the hint, kept playing, going for objective, having fun, etc….

One evening a few months ago, saw my old friend Slime who encouraged me to apply to clan again. I visit the forum and I see that the House of ROX is standing stronger than ever!!!! I am grateful, personally, that The Clan placed my name on the Wall of Honor as a player who had proudly served in the early days. Thank you for remembering and thank you for accepting me again : )

What you have all built here is Amazing. I am but a humble guest in your home, and I have much love and respect for you intelligent, dedicated people around the world who keep this game alive. Your devotion and your passion is an inspiration.

So Cheers, Proost, L’chaim, Salut, Slainte, Nastrovia, Skaal, However you say it, this Bud’s for you.