Support Ukrainian citizens and the old people

We are a gaming community with members and players from all over the world. Also from Ukraine and Russia like other conflict countries. We not restrict access from anyone, we have rules that are good at the moment. If they are violated, action can be taken and punished.

We thrive for equality and we will not take it any further in political conflicts. Sport and politics should not be combined, nor should games and politics.

However, we want to support our members living in Ukraine and, at the same time, other civilians and the old people. We are a family.

Not for Army support – this is not our war, but only for helping civil people.

A person only needs a place to sleep, some food and the confidence that everything is in order with relatives and friends.

Our members in Ukraine are collecting the money and gives it to trusted volunteers who will try to deliver food and medicine to the villagers.


If you want to support it, below are instructions on how to do:

If you want to support, please take contact to Dron in Discord, his Discord account is: r_x_dron