I used to play quake, thx to the influence of my brothers, so one day i was searching for more games like that one, a game shooting and playing as team, and then i discover ET and many people said good things in the reviews, and the most beautiful is that it was free!! so I download it and start to play. I must admit that at the beginning i thought “why people play this game” cuz of course i die every 2 sec, didn’t have aim, i kill my teammates cuz didn’t know who was the enemy and of course i get kicked from many servers thx to it. (so that’s why we should be pattient with people that make tk’s and try to explain them and see if they r new players before to kick them)

Until one good day i play in rox server and i discover the paradaise for play, didn’t get kicked and was friendly admins helping to the noobish people as me, so it becomes to be my favorite server and i used to play a lot there, so I start to make question for the basic things , like change color’s name etc, so Warmachine, Chango and Krux were the first people with who i spoke there and help me. After some time getting experience and playing better Warcito ask me for aply, and at the beginning i didn’t want do it cuz compared with Krux, Chango, Fock is, Joboo, Astral, Guerrier etc i was a noob, but well at the end i apply and few days after Krux gave me my tags! :lol:

After that i knew many old members like Xpto, BMF, Superdad, Slime, Serialkiller, Draza, Buckwild, Choob, Shadow, Elmo, Joelaputa, Chris, Spiderpig, Delfoba, Vanleo, Nny, Kal, Tossi, Tomi, Shannon, Luc, Xixi, Morgoth, the alpha’s team, etc etc and was in the gold good days that we use to make many scrims and also annoying “oops’s partys” and neddle partys :lol:

After i start to work, and as i worked all the day in a computer, when i back to home i was so sick of use the comp all the day, so for it and cuz my conexion was bad and i had maaany lag and can’t play happily i stop for like 2 years or more. In that time i play another games and i tried to back sometimes but as i still having lag and of course i lost the aim too, i lost the interest too fast.

Then one good day not many time ago i had some life’s problem and i needed distract my mind, then my dear mr Xpto said me “hey why u dont back to play ET?” and i said why not, and voila here I am again taking my therapy in game, happy to back, missing the old members that stop to play but happy to see the old ones that stay and starting to know the “new” members (news for me) ;)

and special thx to Elmo for keep the servers running after all thoose years :)