i discovered ET by my brother Luc back in 2005 i guess, but my connection was so bad that i had 999 ping everywhere, so i didn’t last for much time. but i returned in 2006 and had better ping and i used to play on other servers like hof or house of pigs and other servers (maybe rox too), then i stopped, and came back in 2008, when i started playing in rox, made some friends and applied in july, and i joined rox in august. Luc and Shannon came to rox in 2009….

there were so many players in usa back in that day :)

i used to play soooooo much that i was sick (i wanted to quit et but i couldn’t hehe)… well then i started getting more level and bla bla bla, and i wasn’t a bad admin, i was just a level whore, and had problems with dead metal or elmo….

i became a better player and i started to go on scrims on other servers but i never left rox. after krux left, i couldnt have more level and i just wanted more, but its not that i had bad attitude with people, i just wanted level. then i had problems with being accused of cheating, the pb screenshots, the black screenshots, the ‘lag script’ that was misunderstood, etc. that i almost got kicked out of rox

there are more details but im tired and my memory sucks

anyways, i’ve always played in rox servers (usa mostly) from 2008 to december 2011. after then, i rarely played et. i used to check the forums more when it had the old design, i liked it more thant this one :p

but i still love you all :)