a tale of tosi is simple. i first saw someone playing et in 2003. it was some boys at our computer class.. i have never been good in history, but WW:s have always intrested me. the boys were having fun playing it, and it seemed quite intresting “history-based” game, so one day after school i stayed at the computer class with them and played a bit.

in 2004 i didn’t play a lot, since my computer at home sucked. when i started studying in 2005, i bought a new computer and first thing i downloaded to it was et. i played in many servers, trying to find a proper one with no foolish settings.

finally i found rox.

the server was ok. no strange settings, and only basic maps. but the guys, they were the best. in the first year(s) i remember playing with guerrier, fock, joboo, buckwild bmf and krux, and many, many other guys. sometimes buck took some of us to his private server, but i think this was a bit later 2006 or 2007. most of the guys had at least 2 names, and i was confused who was who, but it was still very fun. golden times.

i think it was spring or summer 2006, when krux warned me for the first time. the warning was !warn tosi put your tags on. i was happy to get recruited.. rox was already like a family to me. i played a lot, i remember a time when i played 26 hours straight. i played like 60 hours that week. during the next year i played over 1000 hours at rox server. back then i actually was quite a good player. i remember that we had some other players from the europe too, but most of the people in rox server were american.

in 2007 i stopped playing, because i had to study. first it was going to be just for few weeks or months, but after the few weeks i had to boot my computer and i didn’t download et after that. i was out of servers for almost a year.

then 2008 i downloaded et again, and applyed to rox, because i didn’t know if i was still in. and the new site was so formal, i thought all had changed. some ppl said that im still rox, some said to wait until ppl can be sure that i am me. well, i got back in, and that made me glad. things had changed though. lots of new people.

i had to leave again in 2009. i went to usa for almost a year, studying in CA uni. i didn’t buy my own computer for that time, so i couldn’t play et. then 2010 i got back in finland, and could play again. i was glad to notice that rox was still doing great.

now, after being 5 years in rox, i have to say that it really is the best clan. i have had to take some breaks from et, but i have never wanted out of rox.

it is a family.