Como estas bro, a quick run down. I joined clan r*x as a pimp. I happened about the server in late 2004, Krux and Mel were on and I noticed Chango and Chacho spoke spanish so I started chatting. I played with noble, chango, chacho, bmf, joboo, krux, mel, chris, slime, wolf (SE), Merlin, Joelapute, and i’m sure plenty more. I recruited one of the best members ever, tahita. She didn’t want to apply but I convinced her to and she was a classic. Now that I look at the list I’m not sure how i’m not a father level myself lol. I played in plenty of scrims and tourneys when I first joined and helped recruit many others. I have had different types of roles, some known some secret, lots of people have come and gone but I remain loyal to ET, whenever there is time I am on. Hope this helps a bit, I left ALL THE DRAMA out hahahaha.