nice story cat, especially enjoyed the part with u getting banned for recruiting on other servers xD. I have the same kind of bad memory for dates and years like you,
but im encouraged now to still post something. It must now be 13 something years ago when i started playing this game. It was the first online game for me to play online with alot of other people alongside Diablo 2 and It´s the one game i have played the longest and propably also the most time. The gameplay is just too good, it´s still awesome even if u compare it to CS or other modern games.

The first really memorable moment that influenced my “ET career” was when I decided to join my first clan after a few months of playing. Its name is dp (dynamite planted) and amazingly it´s actually still alive. It must have been one of the first real big clans since the game just came out when i started playing. WJS (one of the clan founders i remember) is still leading the clan. I got to know alot of people, one of which became “my oldest/longest friend” online. I remember us having really good and interesting talks about alot of things back then. It also helped me improve my english skills alot.

After about 2 years the clan had some issues and alot of the members and admins left the clan and founded their own ones. One was [GG] (golden gamerz) and awhile later i think =DM= was founded aswell. [GG] was founded by my old friend back then and so i decided to join him and help him grow his clan. We had some really great years and even though the clan never became big we had alot of members and good activity at times. Over the years our friendship grew as we spent more time together online and eventually i became leader of the clan and was entrusted with ref and rcon pws.

At this point my memory becomes blurry. After some time though alot of members (including me) decided to leave the clan and AoE was founded. We had a really active and popular server with stopwatch mode. The clan grew rather fast and the stopwatch obj gameplay attracted a decent number of good players so we founded a scrim team and had some really nice matches.
We even attended a cup once and i member playing with ETTV once back then. nothing big though. Sadly the clan kinda died as fast as it got alive (i think about 2 years).

After some years of being clanless i joined EA (elite army), mostly for the TJ server and scrims. I was a member for some years and improved my tj skills alot during that time.
Sadly there werent enough members for scrims and the pub server had a horrible map rotation, so after getting a little tired of tj I seeked out a new server to play on
and maybe even another clan to join. I stumbled upon h2o, which had a pub server i really liked and a alot of active members. Sadly it didn´t last very long.

So I became clanless again and stayed like that for the last 5 something years. I started playing on r*x server around that time when h2o became inactive.
Hope for some good time with r*x. thanks for reading if u got so far.

-about 13 years of ET history (with a couple short breaks)
-first online, longest and most played game
-alot of different clans, leader of one for a while
-scrims and trickjump included
-many good moments, alot of different people, big part of my childhood
-still kicking ass