Thought about the “olden” times lately. I started playing here sometime in 2004, I would guess just after the clan stared up. I can remember a lot of server settings like calling votes and various other things were still around. I had found 2 servers I enjoyed Rox and Aog. They were actually quite a lot a like in settings and there was a lot of mixing of both clans back then. Krux played often on both servers. I recall the first time I played on Rox I got booted lol…I didn’t know what I was doing I guess someone had no patience for that. No idea who it was. Aog asked me to join, Rox didn’t so I joined Aog for about year and half. I continued to stop by Rox from time to time and when Aog fell apart in 2006, I only played at Rox. This time lots of people did ask me to join:). So I did. Great times. Spent lots of time hanging out with Elmo working on US server, talking about beer, recruiting new players to clan. Knezo and I convinced Elmo to let us try US as a custom server for awhile. That was a good time. More customs started appearing on Euro after that I think that was the awakening to the custom maps for Rox haha, though I’m sure some would prefer battery 24/7. US server was up and down over the years but we had a lot of good times and fun. Thankful for those times and thankful Rox is still here rockin’, very happy to have been some small part of making it happen. Thankful for all of you too that have been so great over the years. Best times always.