So… ROX 4 LIFE. I first played ET back in 2003 when it first came out, reason is all my friends were playing counter strike but i really disliked it. I played all the time as engie with garand in random servers, i was a real tank couldn’t move right, barely could kill anyone. but […]


Thought about the “olden” times lately. I started playing here sometime in 2004, I would guess just after the clan stared up. I can remember a lot of server settings like calling votes and various other things were still around. I had found 2 servers I enjoyed Rox and Aog. They were actually quite a […]


nice story cat, especially enjoyed the part with u getting banned for recruiting on other servers xD. I have the same kind of bad memory for dates and years like you, but im encouraged now to still post something. It must now be 13 something years ago when i started playing this game. It was […]


I ll try to post something too. I have horrible memory for dates and years but I remember that the first time I heard about this game was when I was like 13-14 which is in 2009 or something like that. I was never a gamer, I was more into sport games and stuff. I […]


Okay so i really dont know why i never replied on this post ffs… Anyway i started playing on server since 2010 i remember playing on this server for the first time then decided to write down the server ip on the paper… time passed and i threw this paper away cuz this ip already […]


i play since 2005 ,first play a Ger serwer (Ger player is they still think the biggest players in this game that).And my first serwer like there always , still play here time to time … it had a really great players,I remember this name’s Schnitte,fossi,electra …I’m here to learn good play game No Quarter […]


Im old now feeling lik a veteran here so i will share my story with you homos .. … just cant remember the dates I started play et from day X was playing few months only as pub on diff servers mostly usa servers coz germans sux b4 and beside playing et i was playing delta force […]


Hallo All, I am happy to see good thread of stories about history of ET and House of R*X. My own story… First played ET in 2003 as young adult. My brother and friends set up small server in USA and we played there and on other random USA servers for several years, some different mods, etc. […]


welll, as i am a bit drunk but not that much i decided to post this topic i was born in 70’s, so i could see how this go on. i live in poland, commmunist country then, in early 80’s computer was a really rare thing, but there were people who got it. so i […]


Because you suck monkeyballs draza and you told me to get in… I still have the skills of a 2 year old who plays with his feet whilst wearing a blindfold. It is a nice thread tough, it was fun to read the stories of everybody and see a lot of names of ppl I sadly allready […]