i discovered ET by my brother Luc back in 2005 i guess, but my connection was so bad that i had 999 ping everywhere, so i didn’t last for much time. but i returned in 2006 and had better ping and i used to play on other servers like hof or house of pigs and […]


I’m not an ET veteran, but a veteran in general online FPS gaming. Before going online I played many games as well, including Wolf3D. The online gaming story started late 2001 (I was 18 years old), when I worked at Office Centre (part of the Staples company from the USA), an office supply store for small businesses and […]


I used to play quake, thx to the influence of my brothers, so one day i was searching for more games like that one, a game shooting and playing as team, and then i discover ET and many people said good things in the reviews, and the most beautiful is that it was free!! so I […]


At my first time in R*X SYervers was all done, and i dont have had see any from that Drama around Krux, but i have play 2008/2009 a lot with Redman, AFleshwound,KnezoCaixao,Bl!nd and (a) Shadow (is this the same ? we have 2 ?) and some others , when I remember it right. But I […]


I was going to write my story too, as long as i can remember, as i am not good with dates (base for arguments with every single girlfriend so far lol), but wanted to read all your stories before, and lately i coudnt find the time to do it, for that im sorry. Anyways, with the help […]


Hmm now for my useless history of me and alpha. I will not use dates, because i wouldn’t know them. I started playing some time ago. Just like KAL i started on the HESS server. It was awsome from what i can remember. At this time i was only alpha playing this game. Soon after […]


Some of the time lines mentioned seem fishy. R*X was the first server I ever connected to because at the time it gave me the best ping. I want to say that was late 2004 or early 2005. I was in college then and blew off quite a bit of studying in favor of playing […]


i gave extra lessons in accounting to some pupil and we talked a lil bit about games and he told me: “u have to try this one its for free” that was back in the year 2003 in autum. i remember well when i started playing with mp40 i coundnt kill even one opponent… so […]


well, i think i can talk about me and i’m agree with fire with his own story. we were recruited at same time or almost i think, i can’t remember exactly. my story: i play et since 2006. i discovered this game by bourvil who is one of my best friend in real life. he […]


Hello, we are the Finti bros i think the majority of people don’t care of our history, all persons think “they’re only fragstealers, rambo meds, never play obj, sometimes obvious movement, cheater for elses”. As you can see in the recent post except Superdad, Elmo, Draza we are the oldest members and the majority of […]